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Creating a Wistia recording

Here’s how to create a recording using a Wistia video. This type of recording is intended for people who use Wistia for video hosting.

This feature is limited to people in the Teacher or Licensing plans.

Giving Soundslice access to your Wistia account

Before you can create recordings with your Wistia videos, you’ll need to give Soundslice permission to access your Wistia account:

  1. Log into your Wistia account and go to your account settings.
  2. Click “API access” and create a new token with the “Read all project and video data” permissions. We do not need update or delete permissions.
  3. You’ll get a long code, around 64 characters long. Copy that to your clipboard.
  4. Back at Soundslice, go to this page and enter the Wistia API token you copied.

We need this permission in order to access the videos in your account. We will only ever use it in a read-only way — we never change data in your Wistia account.

Creating the recording

1. After creating your slice, add a recording. Click “Wistia” on this screen:


2. Click “Add recording” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can view the videos in your Wistia account, including their thumbnails.

3. Click the video you’d like to use, or enter its video ID directly.

4. Click “Save,” and you’ll be done. Now it’s ready to sync.

What happens if I delete my video from within Wistia?

Soundslice will not automatically remove your associated recording. It’s up to you to manage it within our system.

How can I change an existing Wistia recording to use a different Wistia video?

It’s not possible to switch a Wistia video within a Soundslice recording at the moment, so you need to do a small workaround:

  1. Create a new (second) recording within your slice, using your new Wistia video.
  2. Copy the syncpoints from your first recording to the new one.
  3. Delete the first recording.