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Changing recordings

Once you’ve created a recording, there are a few ways you can change it.

The recordings list

While editing your slice, click the Recordings button at the top of the page:


This will display the “Edit recordings” screen, which looks like this:


Here you’ll see every recording in your slice, with some options for editing it.

Renaming a recording

From the “Edit recordings” screen, click the pencil icon next to a recording to rename it.

Deleting a recording

From the “Edit recordings” screen, click the trash can icon next to a recording to delete it. Careful — there’s no undo.

Is it possible to change other aspects of a recording?

For a video URL recordings, you can change the associated MP4 URL and/or HLS URL after you’ve created the recording. Do this by clicking the pencil icon next to the recording on the “Edit recordings” screen.

For all other recording types, there’s no way to change data aside from renaming. But this generally isn’t a big deal; you can simply create a new recording and copy another recording’s syncpoints into it.