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Using YouTube videos in Soundslice

Soundslice has excellent YouTube integration — allowing you to create slices that sync with YouTube videos.

Creating a YouTube recording

Here’s how to create a recording from a YouTube video.

1. After creating your slice, add a recording. Click “YouTube video” on this screen:


2. In the “YouTube video URL or ID” field, enter the URL of your YouTube video.

3. Click “Add recording,” and you’ll be done. Now it’s ready to sync.

Shortcut method

To create a slice and specify the YouTube video in a single step, go to your slice manager and click the “Import...” button, then select “Import from YouTube.”


You’ll see the “Add recording” screen covered previously on this help page.

Waveforms for YouTube videos

After you create a YouTube recording and see the syncpoint editor, you’ll likely not yet see a waveform. That’s because it can take a while for our system to generate a waveform for YouTube videos. But have no fear — the syncpoint editor is still fully functional even if the waveform is missing.

What should I do if the YouTube video in my slice has been deleted?

Here’s what you can do if your slice has a YouTube recording and that YouTube video has since been removed.

(Don’t worry, your notation/tab data will remain untouched as you take any of the following steps.)

If you’ve found another YouTube video with the same music

Add another recording and copy the original recording’s syncpoints. Adjust the syncpoints if necessary (perhaps using the “Drag all” feature), then delete the original recording.

If you have the same music, but as an MP3

Follow the same steps as above. Just use an MP3 recording as opposed to a YouTube recording.

If you don’t have any way of finding that audio anymore

In this situation, unfortunately your slice won’t be able to have a real audio recording anymore. However, you’ll at least still be able to hear the music with our synthetic playback.

To clean things up and prevent confusion for anybody viewing your slice, we recommend editing the slice and deleting its recording.