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Copying syncpoints across recordings

If your slice has multiple recordings from the same performance — like a video with different camera angles, or different audio mixes — then syncpoints are likely the same or very close across recordings. You won’t need to enter them manually for each one.

To easily copy syncpoints from one recording to another, follow these steps:

  1. Set the syncpoints in one of the recordings.
  2. Switch to a recording you’d like to copy syncpoints to.
  3. Click ‘Import syncpoints’ from the syncpoint editor’s “More” menu.
  4. Select the syncpoints from the previously synced recording.


Exporting syncpoints

Want to copy syncpoints across separate slices? You can do that by exporting your syncpoints into a file.

Just click the “Export syncpoints” button in the syncpoint editor’s “More” menu. Save that file to your computer, then select the “From file” import option [see the above graphic] when you import it.