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Syncpoint shortcuts

‘End’ shortcut

If your recording has a perfectly consistent tempo — like if it was recorded to a metronome — then you don’t need to manually create each syncpoint.

Instead, just create a syncpoint at the beginning and at the end. Double-click the second syncpoint and type the word ‘end’, followed by the Enter key. This will automatically create a syncpoint for each measure of your music, evenly spaced.


Note this will only work if your slice has notation. Otherwise Soundslice doesn’t know how many bars your music has.

Specific range shortcut

A variation of the above shortcut is to double-click a syncpoint and type a number followed by the Enter key. This will automatically create syncpoints within a desired range, like 10-16.


The basic idea is: You can always double-click a syncpoint and manually specify its bar number. If this results in a situation where certain bars don’t have a syncpoint yet, Soundslice will automatically subdivide the space, creating automatic syncpoints between your manually-created ones.