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Deleting syncpoints

You can delete a syncpoint by clicking the ‘X’ icon under any syncpoint.


How deleting affects other syncpoints

For all syncpoints that are numbered sequentially after the freshly deleted one, we’ll automatically subtract 1 from their bar number, hence renumbering them.

For example, here we delete the syncpoint for bar 7. The syncpoint for bar 8 thus becomes bar 7:


Deleting without renumbering

In some cases, you might want to delete a syncpoint without automatically renumbering the subsequent syncpoints. To do this, instead of clicking the “X” icon, click the “...” icon and choose “Delete without renumbering.”

For example, here we delete the syncpoint for bar 7 without renumbering. The other syncpoints remain untouched:


Note that a light-gray circle appears, exactly halfway between the syncpoints for bars 6 and 8. This is an “implied syncpoint” and shows you where bar 7 begins, even though you haven’t explicitly created a syncpoint for that bar. For more on implied syncpoints, see Syncpoint shortcuts.