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Cropping recordings

It’s common for people to create slices for a small subset of a longer recording. For example, you might create a slice of a nine-second snippet of music that appears somewhere in the middle of a six-minute YouTube video.

This is where cropping comes in. The syncpoint editor lets you crop recordings, to remove audio/video at the start or end of the slice.

Intros and outros


By default, if your first syncpoint comes more than 1 second after the start of your recording’s audio, Soundslice will add a visual intro section to the notation — the “0:14” in the above screenshot.

The same applies for the outro. We add that if there are at least 4 seconds of audio between the last syncpoint and the end of the audio.

The purpose of these intro and outro sections is to communicate that the notated part of the music doesn’t start immediately. When you press Play, the playhead will first move across the intro section for the allotted amount of time.

Also note that the intro and outro sections are interactive. You can click in them to seek the playhead, and you can drag within them to create loops — just as you can do with the notation part of the slice.

Removing intros and outros by cropping

You can remove those sections, or reduce their length, by cropping the recording. To do that:

  1. Open the syncpoint editor.
  2. Zoom out on the waveform so that you see the full recording.
  3. Click and drag the scissors below the waveform to the desired section of the recording. As you drag, the intro/outro sections in your notation will redraw themselves to reflect your cropping.
  4. Save your syncpoints.


Cropping and multiple recordings

Just as each recording in your own slice has its own syncpoints, each recording also has its own cropping.

As you switch between recordings, the intro/outro sections will instantly update. It’s entirely possible for one recording to have an intro section while another recording in the same slice doesn’t — no problem.

Who can see the intro and outro sections?

Those are visible to anybody viewing your slice — not just while the syncpoint editor is open.