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Syncpoint ‘guide notes’

In our syncpoint editor, you’ll see small music notes above the waveform. We call these guide notes, and they serve two purposes:

  1. They help orient you, giving context on where you are in the piece of music.
  2. You can drag them to do fine-grained syncing, in cases when bar-level syncpoints aren’t granular enough.


Guide notes are taken directly from your slice’s notation — so if you update a bar’s notes’ rhythmic values, they’ll be instantly updated in the syncpoint editor.

Controlling guide note display

By default, guide notes come from the first voice of the first track in your slice. If you have multiple tracks (or multiple voices within a track), you can change which track the guide notes use. To do this, click “Toggle notes” in the syncpoint editor’s “More” menu. Each time you click, it will rotate through all voices of all tracks in your slice.


To hide the guide notes entirely, keep clicking “Toggle notes” until you don’t see any guide notes — we remove them after you’ve gone through every track/voice combination. You can bring them back by clicking “Toggle notes” again.

Deleting a guide-note syncpoint

To delete a guide-note syncpoint, click the “X” below it. You’ll instantly see the other syncpoints update to reflect the absence of that guide-note syncpoint.