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Moving syncpoints

If a syncpoint doesn’t line up with where it should be in the waveform, you can easily click and drag it to move it.


Saving your changes

Just like when you add a syncpoint, you need to save your changes after you drag a syncpoint. Click the “Save” button in the upper right.

Dragging all syncpoints


You can drag all syncpoints together by clicking the “Drag all” button in the upper right. The syncpoints will turn gold, and when you move one of them, the others will move in joined fashion. This can be very useful when working with copied syncpoints.


I’m trying to use “Drag all” but the syncpoints won’t move — why?

The dragging will stop if a syncpoint hits either the left edge of the audio (i.e., the start or finish). Try zooming out to view the full waveform and you might get a better idea of whether your syncpoints are hitting the edge.