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New syncpoint editor

We’ve launched a brand new syncpoint editor! It’s much easier to use, and it’s got great new functionality.


[The syncpoint editor is the tool you use to tell Soundslice how an audio recording is aligned with music notation. Basically, you use it to say, “The start of measure 2 in the notation corresponds to 0:05 in the audio.”]

Our old syncpoint editor was OK but kind of clunky. Its biggest problem was it didn’t display the music notation; it only dealt with the audio. Which meant you had to have two browser tabs open if you wanted to see how your syncpoints affected your score.

Now, the syncpoint editor integrates audio directly with the notation. As you create, move and delete syncpoints, your changes are reflected immediately. It’s so much easier to review your work when you get instant feedback.

The second big improvement is that the syncpoint editor now supports inner-bar syncpoints. This is useful for expressive music, in which syncpoints on the downbeats might not be enough.

For an example of inner-bar syncpoints, plus a general overview of the interface, watch this short tutorial video:

One last new thing: the syncpoint editor now displays waveforms for YouTube videos. This makes it much easier to navigate the audio. We’ll soon add waveforms for videos that you’ve uploaded directly to Soundslice.

We’ve updated our help page to reflect the new interface. Please let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas or suggestions.

UPDATE, May 2019: The video above is now out of date, though we’ll leave it here for posterity. We’ve put together new videos with the latest and greatest syncpoint editor features.


This is downright crazy! What a great job :-) Love the "Now if you're Extra-OCD™ […] like I am" part :-)
Hehe, thank you!
[Comment posted by Gérard Montalat]

I want export the syncpoints in Logic Pro , how can i do it please ?

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