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Improvements to slides in tablature

We’ve made two improvements to the way we display slides in tablature — that is, slides from one note to the next, as done on a guitar.

First, we now draw a slur over slides in tablature. This makes slides easier to read at a glance, it’s consistent with how we treat hammer-ons and pull-offs, and it brings our behavior in line with what people expect from other tab programs.


Note we were already displaying slurs over slides in standard notation. Today’s change makes the tab consistent with the notation.

Second, we’ve added support for a second type of slide: one that doesn’t use a slur. Our notation editor now lets you create both of these types of slides. (Previously it only let you create slides with slurs.)

Slides with slurs are called legato slides, and slides without slurs are called shift slides. From the musician’s perspective, a legato slide is one where the string is not plucked again after the slide. A shift slide is where you do indeed pluck the string after the slide.

Here’s what the buttons look like in our editor:


Finally, here’s how we’re handling all existing slides on Soundslice:

  • If you originally created the slide in our editor, it will be a legato slide.
  • If you originally created the slide in an uploaded Guitar Pro or PowerTab file, it will be either a legato or shift slide, depending on what you used in that original file.
  • If you originally created the slide in an uploaded MusicXML or TuxGuitar file, it will be a legato slide.

If you’d like to tweak the slides in any of your slices, it’s super easy — just open our editor, select the note and hit the appropriate slide button in our editor panel.


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