New syncpoint editor shortcut and more

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on April 6, 2015

We’ve made a several improvements to our new syncpoint editor, along with steady improvements to other parts of Soundslice. Here’s what’s new.

It’s now much faster and easier to add syncpoints to recordings that were recorded with a metronome / click track. Instead of having to tap on the downbeat of each bar, you now only need to add the very first and very last syncpoint, and Soundslice will figure out the rest. Watch this short video for more:

Also new in the syncpoint editor: you can now zoom in/out of the waveform to get a better view. And we’ve added a time display in the upper left corner, so you can see the precise time at the playhead — which is useful in tandem with our “Copy syncpoints with offset” feature.

Other new features and fixes:

And, finally, some notation improvements:


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