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Announcing ‘performances’

We’ve seen a large increase in Soundslice usage due to the Covid-19 outbreak, with music teachers worldwide flocking to web-based teaching tools.

In this new reality of social distancing, teachers don’t have good ways to give direct feedback on student performance. Many have scrambled together quick solutions, such as emailing or texting video files — which can lead to disorganization and extra stress that nobody needs right now.

With this in mind, we’ve quickly put together a solution. We call it “performances.”

This new feature, now available for our customers in the Teacher plan, lets your students upload performance audio/video so you can provide feedback.

Everything is integrated with the Soundslice private courses system, so you don’t need to email files around or do any other context-switching.

How does it work? We tried to make it as simple and streamlined as possible.

First, you enable performances for any one of your slices. It’s a new option in slice settings:


Then, put this slice in a private course, if it’s not already in one.

From then on, any student in that course will see a “Performances” tab when viewing the slice. There, they can upload an audio/video file of themselves performing this piece of music.


You, the teacher, will get an email notification whenever there’s a new performance. And you can post comments on a performance, to give specific feedback. Students can upload multiple performances, if they want to continue getting feedback.


We’ve included a few different privacy settings for performances and their comments, to account for different ways teachers might want to use this. Performances can be visible to anybody in the course, or only to the teacher and student.

For more information on all of this, see our new help page about performances.

People have already been using this since we soft-launched it last week, and we’re grateful for the feedback we’ve gotten so far. Have feedback on it? Want us to tweak how it works? Let us know what you think — we want to make this as useful as possible, for both teachers and students.


Thanks for this feature! I'm starting to think up ways to use if with my students.

I wondered how possible it would be at some future date to include some kind of button inside there to actually record the video? I realize that all devices have different cameras and mics & such. I just wondered as I've seen that inside of other online apps. I'm mainly thinking of my seniors, and younger kids. Sending them outside of the app to record is alot of clicks, and alot of tech support on my end.

Also, this is coming back to my ensemble ideas, anyway that the teacher might be able to download the student video uploads? I know that's not the feature's purpose, but I could use that functionality for my own projects.

No matter what, thanks for this great new addition to Soundslice. Cheers!

Hi Joel — that's a good idea about a "record" button. Yes, that should be technically possible. We will investigate...

Regarding video download, we'd like to wait and see whether any other customers would need this feature, as it's quite specialized and we'd like to keep the interface streamlined.
I love this new function! I have already used it a couple times and it definitely saves me the trouble of having to help my students figure out how to share their performance videos with me over the internet.

Now a new problem has reared its head: having the students see the music notation while recording themselves. Most of my students don’t own a printer and primarily use their smartphones for just about everything. It would really seal the deal if there was a recording view for the students inside the courses.

I have spent the last month trying just about every piece of software, app, website that I could get my “hands” on but still haven’t found one that successfully let’s you display your own sheet music and have students record over it. Notefight claimed to have this capability (and to some extent it did) but I found it to be too difficult to use and problematic to reasonably expect my student’s to execute and grade them accordingly.

I work at three colleges and am turning as many of my colleagues that I can on to your amazing product. What you guys have done really makes this remote, music teaching so much easier and powerful. Thank you! 🙏
I agree with the comment above. I think it would be super helpful for my students to be able to record while reading the notation! I would love to see their "performance" while also being able to follow along with the notation. I love this new addition to Courses - it's a great idea! It would be even better if we could have the record function because then we would have no need or use for other apps. I love the idea of being able to use Soundslice exclusively for this type of educational platform.
These submissions are a great way to accelerate students' progress outside of lessons and also to encourage self-assessment. Bravo!

Would there be a way for learners to be able to select and record from their own onboard camera directly into Soundslice (i.e.not having to record a file separately and then upload it)?
Does this feature still exist? The option to allow performances doesn't seem to be in my teacher setttings anymore?
It does indeed! We just changed around the way it works, back in July. See here:

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