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Performances on Soundslice

With our performances feature, your students can submit private audio or video of themselves playing music. Then you can post comments, offering feedback. Everything’s integrated with our private courses system.

To enable performances, you’ll need to have a Teacher account.


The performances system is lightweight and easy. Here’s how everything works:

  1. Enable performances on one of your slices.
  2. Make sure the slice is in a private course.
  3. Any student who accesses your slice within a course will have the ability to upload a performance.
  4. You’ll get an email notification whenever a student posts a new performance.
  5. You’ll be able to post comments on the performance, offering feedback. If you enable student comments, the student can respond to your comments.
  6. All performances of the same slice are aggregated together in the “Performances” tab of the slice’s page in the course — making it easy for you to manage.

That’s it!

Enabling performances

When editing one of your slices, click “Settings” at the top of the page. Then choose the “Teacher” tab. You’ll see several options.

Allow students to submit performances — check this checkbox to enable performances. Every slice has this disabled by default; you have to opt in.

Who can view performances? The options are:

  • Only you and the performer
  • Anyone who can access the slice

Who can comment on performances? The options are:

  • Only you
  • Only you and the performer
  • Anyone who can access the slice

After you change the settings, save your slice. Performances will be instantly enabled.

Submitting a performance

Any student viewing your slice within any of your courses will now see a place to upload a performance.

We accept any kind of video file. For audio, we accept only MP3 format for now.

Once the student uploads audio/video, it will take a few moments to process. Then it will be available in the “Performances” area of your slice within the course.

You’ll also get an email notification, and a web-based notification in your Soundslice notifications page.

Deleting a performance

Both the slice owner and the performance owner will see a “Delete” button when viewing the performance. Click that to delete the performance. (Deletion is permanent and immediate; there is no undo.)


As the slice owner, you’re always able to post comments on the performance, using the comment thread to the left of the audio/video.

If you’ve enabled comments for the student, they’ll also have the ability to comment.

If you’ve enabled comments for “Anyone who can access this slice,” then any student in your course will be able to comment.

Both you and the performing student will get an email notification for any new comments on the performance.

You can change the comment setting at any time (see “Who can comment on performances?” above). If you do so, existing comments will not be removed.

Finally, note that anybody who can view the performance can view the comments. (See the “Who can view performances?” setting above.)


We’d love to hear how you’re using performances. How can we make it better? Any feedback, questions or problems? Please get in touch any time! We’d love to hear from you.