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Better lyrics and chord entry

We’ve improved our notation editor to make it much easier to enter lyrics. And we’ve improved chord entry too.


Previously, entering lyrics on Soundslice was a burden. Our interface had been designed for making small corrections to lyrics you’d imported, as opposed to entering them from scratch.

Now, it’s much faster. Here’s how it works.

First, select the starting note:


Then open the lyrics entry panel. To do this, click the “Lyrics” button in the Text section of the left sidebar, or search for “Lyrics” in our editor’s search box, or simply use the keyboard shortcut (W by default).

You’ll see something like this:


Each of those boxes represents a separate line of lyrics — i.e., for multiple verses. The top one will be selected by default.

To enter lyrics, just start typing. Your notation will automatically update with the lyric as soon as you type.

Whenever you hit the spacebar, we’ll automatically move to the next note. For a multi-syllable word, hit the hyphen character (-) at the end of the syllable; we’ll insert a hyphen and automatically move to the next note.


We’ve found this to be a really natural way of entering lyrics. And we’d love to hear your feedback — how can we make this as good as possible?


Previously, when you wanted to enter a chord using our editor, we’d give you a chord-entry interface that blocked the entire screen. Now, we’re using the same “live edit” interface that we introduced for text last week.


The biggest improvement here is with chord diagrams. You’ll now see the diagram automatically update as you enter the information — which means you’ll spot mistakes much more quickly.

Entering (or deleting) lots of chords at once? The new interface stays open until you close it — which means you can click a note, edit the chord, click another note, edit its chord, etc., without needing to manually open/close the chord interface.


Soundslice, very nice !!
Perfect, to perfection you just need to be able to insert chords, at least already used in the same song, When copying a chord using [Command-C] and [Command-V], the notes are also copied and this is usually not desirable, because it overwrites other notes in the same position.

Also, entering fingering in the same dialog would be awesome

I'm sorry I still have some comments, but of course I'm grateful for any improvements
No need to apologize — we are perfectionists and want to continue making things better. Please keep the feedback coming. :)

Yes, there needs to be a way to copy chords...We'd like to find a solution for this.
Is it possible that chord entry could cache so you don't have to enter each cell each time?
Great idea — we plan to do something along those lines.
It would be cool being able to use the "lyrics approach" for FINGERINGS
I'm having trouble with the new chord-entry interface. The chord diagram has disappeared (?)
Chord diagrams are only available in tracks that have tablature activated. Is it possible that you’re trying to add a chord diagram for a track that doesn’t have tab?
Do chords get played? I am asking because when the music is played with the piano keyboard visualized, I see only 1 note being played at a time.
You mean during synthetic playback, right? No, chords don't get played there, nor do they get shown in the visual keyboard. Our synthetic playback and visual keyboard only play notes from the sheet music, not from the chord names.

Our philosophy is: we don't want to play music that's not notated, because it might be misleading to the student.
Thank you for your prompt reply!

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