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New courses from the Soundslice community, December 3

The latest community-created lessons include instruction for banjo, flute and snare drum. (Separately, of course.)

Enda Scahill’s Irish Banjo Tutor, Vol. II (@EndaScahill) — $21

Enda Scahill of the famous We Banjo 3 is back on Soundslice with his follow up to Learn Irish Banjo Vol I. We are pleased to say that his previous release has been a hit, and that we’ve gotten positive feedback from trad musicians all over.

Enda’s second course features new tunes, and an incredible array of techniques to improve rhythm, phrasing, ornamentation and style. He lamented while recording these performance videos, “No joke, there’s a lot more playing in this one!”

Preview or purchase the course here.

Kenneth Chia's Beginner Flute Course (@KennethChia) — $79.99

Kenneth Chia is a talented performer and flute pedagogue in Malaysia, where he runs the in-person music academy Tuning Fork Music. His impressive credentials include degrees in flute performance from Carnegie Mellon and Indiana University.

This course of 231 lessons is a comprehensive guide for the beginning flutist. You learn how to the properly care for the instrument (anatomy and assembly), the essential tone-production techniques (posture and breathing), musical concepts (notes, rhythms) and most of all, you have fun learning a robust repertoire of music.

There’s nearly 3 hours of instruction for you to learn at your own pace. Preview or purchase the course here.

Applied Essential Rudiments (@repppeter) — $20

Peter Rudd is a middle and high school band director as well as a talented percussionist. He’s put together a collection of 38 snare drum etudes that showcase the essential rudiments.

This is a great musical workout for both beginning and advanced students. Each rudiment includes 5 different tempo goals for you to practice — great for differentiating between grade/ability levels.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve been in contact with Peter as he’s used Soundslice to create various etudes for his remote students. We can vouch for him as a standup guy and a talented teacher. As a bit of good will, he’s directed 100% of the proceeds from this course go to the St. Louis-based charitable music education organization Pianos for People.

Preview or purchase the course here.


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