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New: Change note colors in your music

We’ve added the ability to color notes in the slices you create. This is nice for visually highlighting certain passages or helping beginners learn to read music.


Setting colors is easy. Just use our editor to select a bunch of notes, then open the color panel in the “Engraving” section:


For those of you using other notation software, we’re upgraded our MusicXML importer to import notehead colors as well.

For lots more information, see our new help page about colors. Enjoy!

Note that this feature is limited to people in a paid plan.


Good job!
Great!!! For me would be cooler if stems also change the color. Thank you so much!
Thanks for the feedback. We considered that, but it's not clear what should happen for a stem that has more than one notehead (i.e., a chord). Any suggestions there?
YES !!!
Awesome Soundslice Team!
It would be great to create "Color Profiles" -- Beeing able to save custom colors for each note.
Awesome! Would be great to be able to change the color of the "skin" so we can embed in our site and it matches the overall look of our brand.
This is super handy for teaching, using it already.
nice!!! very good for keyboard (for example)

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