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New features and fixes, Sept. 16

Lots of progress on Soundslice lately, as always. Here’s what’s new:

  • Greatly improved our transposition features to use proper note spelling. Previously, when you transposed a score, we’d sometimes display the wrong spelling (e.g., “A flat” vs. “G sharp”). Now we do the right thing, depending on the key signature you’re transposing to.
  • Similarly, improved the animated fretboard to use proper note spelling, depending on how the note is spelled in the score.
  • Improved the animated keyboard to ignore percussion tracks.
  • Fixed the animated fretboard to redraw properly in case of full-score transposition. Previously, if you transposed up, the notes would run off the fretboard!
  • Improved tablature-only view (which you can get by hiding the standard notation) to draw a left-most bar line. Looks much more even this way.
  • Fixed some bugs with directions such as “Da Capo” within a repeat.
  • Made lots of improvements to our MusicXML importer. It’s mostly small details, but details add up!
  • Made lots of improvements to our notation rendering, including: support for half-note slash notes, better note flag positioning, support for bowing/picking direction (previously only available for tablature), support for “0” fingering and support for triple-sharps/triple-flats (this can happen during transposition!).

For our partners who embed Soundslice in their sites, we’ve added more ways to customize our player:

  • Use the branding=2 URL parameter to move the “Powered by Soundslice” branding out of the main control bar and into the notation area. This makes the main control bar more compact.
  • Use enable_transposition=0 to disable the score-wide transposition slider. You might want to do this if you don’t foresee your users needing to transpose and want to simplify the Settings interface.
  • Use enable_fretboard=0 to disable the animated fretboard.
  • Use keyboard=1 to display the animated keyboard by default when the page loads.
  • For scores where the audio is deferred (defer=1), users can now change the speed and seek in the score before the audio is loaded. Previously that wasn’t possible, which was a bit unintuitive.

Finally, we’ve changed Soundslice For Teachers accounts to disallow embedding. To embed, you now need a licensing arrangement with us. (Existing Soundslice For Teachers accounts are “grandfathered in” and can still embed, as long as it’s for noncommercial purposes, as always.) This clears up confusion, making an unambiguous distinction between Soundslice For Teachers accounts and Soundslice partner licensing.


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