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New features and fixes, May 6

Here are various improvements we’ve made to Soundslice over the last month or so.

New “Add recording” screen


We redesigned our editor’s “Add recording” screen. It now has a nicer design and gives more appropriate weight/context for the various options.

New sidebar toggle design


We redesigned the little arrow button that lets you toggle the sidebar when viewing a slice. Previously, when the sidebar was closed, the arrow would jump all the way to the bottom of the page. Now it’s in a more consistent and obvious location.

Clickable instrument names


Those instrument names at the left of your music? They’re now clickable. If you click them, we’ll open the Settings menu and highlight where you can change visibility.

Better default beaming


We changed our default beaming for 4/4 time. Previously, beams would break on each beat; now they only break at the middle of the bar. Thanks to YouTube sensation Rick Beato for the suggestion.

Grace notes without slashes


Our editor now lets you create grace notes that don’t have a slash through their stem (appoggiaturas). Previously we only supported grace notes with a slash. We’ve also improved our MusicXML importer to detect this for all files uploaded from now on.

Use our handy editor search to find this feature.

Descriptions in course slices

When viewing a slice in a course, we now display the slice’s description (if available) in the left sidebar. Previously the description was only displayed on the main course page. It’s much nicer to have access to that when viewing the slice!


Thanks for all these improvements. But personnally, I regret the Old Beaming, so it would be great to offer the New Beaming as an option.

Would it be possible to add a beat parameter for the metronome? For exemple, in 6/8, it would be nice to hear only the 1st and 4th eighths instead of every eighth. And in some fast tempo 4/4, it would be nice to hear the halves beat instead of every fourth.

Well, thanks a lot for the job, anyway. Soundslice is great!

I also like the split beaming. Maybe just because I'm used to it. If there was a configurable option I would choose the 'Old Beaming' setting.
@SergeK Thanks for the thoughts! Yes, we'd like to add some more control over metronome beats — that's a good idea.

Also, please note that we've tweaked the beaming earlier this week so that it works better for non-eighth notes. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.
It will be great to add some more choices of noteheads to write percusion instruments.
Thanks — yes, this is on our to-do list!
Tab for violin for fiddle students to write in the strings and fingerings would be wonderful! Just love soundslice!!!!
Thanks for the comment. Just to be clear, you'd want to be able to create a slice and then let students continue editing it?
Hey Adrian, nice improvements! I'd like to make a suggestion for the view mode.

The "Keep playhead at the top of screen" is nice option because it lets me see what's coming up. However if I want to click back a few bars I first have to scroll up. With the option turned off, then I don't see the music that's coming up when the playhead reaches the bottom of the screen.

So I'd like to suggest an option to keep the playhead in the vertical center of the screen... or to attempt to keep at least a line or two of upcoming notation visible if the screen size allows.

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