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New loop design

We’ve redesigned the way loops look, with the goal of helping you focus on the music and providing a more elegant look.

Previously, when you created a loop, we used a light purple background behind the music, like this:

Screenshot of old loop design

Now, it looks like this:

Screenshot of new loop design

Instead of adding a color to highlight your loop, we now deemphasize the music that’s outside your loop. There’s a subtle fade on both edges, too; we tried to strike a balance between communicating the precise loop boundaries and retaining a feeling of connection to the rest of the music.

Overall we think this new design gives loops a more elegant aesthetic and helps you focus. We’d love to get your feedback on this change — please let us know what you think!

Notes for Soundslice embeds

For those of you who embed Soundslice in your own website via our Licensing plan, note that Soundslice embeds still use the old loop design for the time being.

That’s because, for big player changes like this, we have a policy of giving our embed customers a month’s notice, rather than taking you by surprise. This gives you a chance to update any help files, screenshots or other documentation if you choose.

We’ll be making this change to all of our embeds in one month — November 8. In the meantime, if you’d like to use the new loop design in your embeds, use the URL parameter newloop=1. (See here for information on URL parameters.)


I'm good either way
At the same time I see it as an improvement.

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