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Introducing focus mode

Here’s a big new Soundslice feature that will help you concentrate while you’re learning or practicing. It’s called focus mode, and it’s a way to hide all music except what you’re working on.


It’s simple to use. First, create a loop over the area you want to focus on — either by dragging across the notes (on devices with a mouse) or clicking the loop icon. Then click the “...” icon at the top right of the selection and choose “Focus on this.”

Soundslice will immediately hide all the notation except the bars you’ve selected. What’s more, the associated audio/video will be cropped precisely to the selected bars, no matter whether you’re using audio, video or synthetic playback.

This means you can practice this section of music without being distracted by other parts, and you don’t have to worry about the playhead going outside of the area you care about. Less futzing, more practicing.

There’s some heavy-duty stuff happening here behind the scenes, thanks to our many-year investment in making a state-of-the-art web sheet-music rendering engine. Focus mode treats your focused music as if it’s a standalone piece. This means:

  • It’ll start with the appropriate clef, key signature and time signature.
  • It’ll be laid out nicely across your screen. (This is especially useful on small screens!)
  • Any notations that extend into or out of your focused area will be automatically, and gracefully, dealt with — such as slurs, ties, hairpins and ottava (8va) markings.
  • All the parts of our player that automatically react to your notation — from the visual fretboard (which looks at your tab’s maximum fret number to decide its size) to the instrument appearance menu (which looks at the types of notations used in your music in order to provide options on showing/hiding things) — will take focus mode into account.

For more details on focus mode, see our new help page.

Focus mode is now available on any piece of music on Soundslice. It’s absolutely free to use, even if you’re not logged in. It’s also available for all embeds for people in our Licensing plan. Enjoy, and may your practice be ever more efficient!


Very nice feature. Thanks :)
Love it, thanks. 2 things that would be an improvement after just fiddling with it just now:

#1: when you click "Back to Full Version" the section that you highlighted to 'focus on' would still be highlighted so I can see where I came from

#2: In the focused on section have the ...'s visible so I don't need to highlight the already focused section to get the option to "Play with Count In". (the highlighted section was playing a bit quick for me to get my hands in place, or even add a rest before or something)
Thanks for the feedback — much appreciated!

For #1, we've already made that improvement. :) You might need to refresh the page a few times to get the latest-and-greatest Soundslice player code.

For #2, you can also use the "Play with count-in" checkbox in the player settings (the gear icon at bottom right). Does that meet your needs?
This is awesome!
Really great, thanks you very much!
Ooooh yeah!!!
Really cool, but would it not be better if we didn't have to re-highlight the focused bars when in focus mode in order to loop it. Surely it has already been highlighted.
Thanks for the thoughts! That’s a good idea. I think we’ll likely tweak this so that playback automatically loops when in focus mode.
Great, that would be excellent.
A follow up: We've just improved focus mode so that it loops the audio automatically. You can opt out of this by checking "During loops, play only once" in the player settings.

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