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Introducing speed training

Many people have requested this over the years, and it’s finally here: Soundslice now has a speed training feature!

This lets you automatically increase playback speed each time through a loop. It’s a great practice tool, helping you ease gently from comfortable speeds to more challenging ones.

To begin speed training, view any piece of music in Soundslice and click the speed interface at the bottom of the screen, then choose “Speed training…” It looks like this:


Detail-oriented Soundslice users will notice that we’ve also added some shortcuts there for commonly accessed speeds.

Next, you’ll see a menu that lets you set the speed training parameters:


These parameters are:

  • Initial speed — the initial playback speed we’ll use when you press Play.
  • Final speed — the final playback speed.
  • Increase speed by — how much we should increment the speed each time it increases.
  • Each speed plays — how many times the loop will be played for each individual speed.

If synthetic playback is currently active, these values will be BPMs (beats per minute). Otherwise, they’ll be percentages, where 100% means the original speed of the recording.

After you’ve entered your parameters, just press Play to start the speed training. While speed training is active, we’ll add a little arrow to the speed controls, so that you know it’s active:


That’s basically it! There are a few other details, and they’re explained in our new help page.

Speed training works with any music in our system and any type of audio, whether real audio, video or synthetic playback. Yes, even YouTube videos. And it’s totally free to use, both for creators and students.

Embedding Soundslice in your own website via our Licensing plan? Speed training is now available in your embeds as well, at no extra charge.

Enjoy the new feature and let us know if you have any feedback!


What a great feature.

This will be very handy for practice 10/10

Well done and soundslice rocks
Amazing! We love how you keep developing Soundslice.

This is so cool ! Thanks !
Excellent! I'd love it if each of my slices could remember it's previous speed setting, whether that's a fixed percentage or a set of speed training parameters, and recall it next time I visit the slice.

For a difficult piece I'll adjust speed over a number of days or even weeks. Currently I use the practice notes field to remind me how far I'm up to, but having it recalled automatically would be amazing.
It's not actually working for me. I set initial speed 90%, final speed 100%, increase speed by 1%, each speed plays 1 time. But it just stays on 90% and doesn't speed up.

To be honest, I'd actually prefer keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease in steps of 1%
Sorry about that! What kind of recording are you using? I suspect it might be YouTube...? I believe YouTube forces speeds to be multiples of 5. We'll wait for your confirmation and then look into how we could address this.

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