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Sitewide dark mode

Our website now supports dark mode! Instead of black text on a white background, dark mode uses light text on a dark background. Great for those late-night practice sessions.

Screenshot of website in dark mode

This applies to nearly every part of our site. The main exceptions are our store and our various marketing pages.

We use whatever your system’s dark mode setting is. So if you’d like to activate dark mode in Soundslice, go into your operating system’s settings to activate it. For now, there’s no way to activate or deactivate our website’s dark mode independently of your system settings.

This is the second part of a two-part project. Previously, we launched dark mode only in our player, which works slightly differently because dark mode for sheet music is an acquired taste.


That's simply awesome!
It's not clear to me how to activate the dark mode. Could you add more step by step details? Thank you very much!
Sorry for the confusion there! There's no way to do it in Soundslice itself. You'll need to go into your device's operating system settings and activate dark mode there.

For example, if you're on MacOS, it's in "System Settings," then "Appearance." If you're on iOS, it's "Settings," then "Display & Brightness." If you’re on Windows 11, it's "Settings," then "Personalization," then "Colors."

We may add a way to activate dark mode directly from our website itself, but we figured we’d start with using the system settings for simplicity.
Ah ok, now I understand, thank you very much!!
Love it. However, when I am in certain dropdowns (instrument, styles) it is not in dark mode and the list items are not visible until they are selected.
I'm not sure what you're seeing there. Could you get in touch with us at and maybe send a screenshot?
I love to use it all the time!

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