An easier way to copy syncpoints

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on August 7, 2018

For those of you creating slices: today we’ve made it much easier to copy syncpoints among recordings.

Say you have a slice with multiple recordings — different camera angles of the same performance, or different audio mixes such as lead vs. backing tracks. Rather than entering the same syncpoints multiple times, you can simply copy syncpoints between the recordings.

This was already possible, but it was a bit of a pain. It happened in the slice manager instead of on the slice page directly. Now everything’s all in one place: right in the syncpoint editor.


You’ll now see an “Import syncpoints…” option in the syncpoint editor’s “More…” menu. Click that, and you’ll see a menu that displays all the other recordings in the current slice that have at least one syncpoint.


Choose the one you want to import from, then click “Import syncpoints,” and that recording’s syncpoints will be copied into the currently active recording. Note that nothing will be saved until you click the main Save button at upper right.

This works nicely with our new “Drag all” feature. Say you have multiple recordings of the same performance, but they have a different amount of audio at the beginning. First, enter syncpoints for one recording. Then switch to the second recording and click “Import syncpoints” to copy from the first recording. Finally, use “Drag all” to move them into place. Done!


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