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Customizing keyboard shortcuts

For power users who want more control, we offer the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts in our editor.

This feature is limited to customers in a paid plan.

Creating custom keyboard shortcuts via search

The quickest way to create a custom shortcut is by using the editor search.

Search for a command, then click the icon at the right. You’ll see a “Create shortcut” option:


Click that, and we’ll take you to a screen where you can set a shortcut for that command.

Creating custom keyboard shortcuts via the shortcuts panel

If you’d like to set multiple shortcuts in one go, you can do this by opening the shortcuts panel:

1. While editing a slice, edit a slice and click “Keyboard shortcuts” at the bottom left of the page.

Note: On smaller screens, this button won’t be displayed. Click the button, then choose “Keyboard shortcuts...”

2. You’ll see the keyboard shortcuts panel appear on the right side of your screen. At the top of this panel, you’ll see a dropdown menu with the available shortcut presets. Click the “Customize” button next to that menu:


3. You’ll see a new window titled “Edit keyboard shortcuts.” Here, you’ll see a list of all editing commands that can possibly be assigned a shortcut, along with the current shortcut (if any):


You can then give your shortcut set a name and save it. It’s only accessible to your account; it’s not public. (But if you’re particularly proud of it, drop us a line and we’ll consider adding it to the list of defaults.)