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Copying and pasting

As you’d expect, our editor supports copying and pasting notation. Here’s how it works.

1. When editing your slice, select the notes/rests you want to copy.

2. Hit Control C on your keyboard (or C on a Mac). You’ll see the following message:


3. Select the note/rest where you want to paste your notation.

4. Press Control V on your keyboard (or V on a Mac). The notation will be pasted.

At the moment, copying is limited to a single instrument and single voice. There’s no way to copy music from more than one instrument (or voice) at once. You’ll need to copy each instrument/voice one at a time.

Copying from one slice to another

We don’t have a direct way to copy from one slice to another, but here’s a clever workaround one of our users came up with. It uses our “Copy notation from another slice” feature.

  1. Open the slice that you want to copy notes into, and make sure you’re in Edit mode.
  2. At the top of the page, click the button and choose “Copy another slice…”
  3. Choose the slice from which you want to copy some notes, then click “Copy notation from this slice.”
  4. Your current slice’s notation will be entirely replaced with the notation from that other slice — but don’t worry, this is just temporary!
  5. Find the music you want to copy into the original slice, select it and hit Control C on your keyboard (or C on a Mac). This will copy it to your Soundslice clipboard.
  6. Hit Control Z to undo. This will undo the “Copy notation from this slice” — hence restoring your original notation.
  7. Now you can paste the music you’d previously copied, using Control V.