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The editor’s top and left panels

Our editor has two primary panels that you can use for editing your music: the top panel and the left panel.

The left panel

The left panel appears at the left of your screen. This contains the most basic editing functions — including note durations, accidentals and ties.


At the top of the left panel, you’ll find our powerful search feature.

At the bottom of the left panel, you’ll find the “current notations” section.

The top panel

The top panel appears at the top of your screen. There, you’ll find a wide variety of functions for making changes to your music:


Navigate through the top panel by clicking the categories at top: “Bar,” “Notes,” “Repeats,” etc.

If you click a category name twice, or click the “X” at the bottom right of this panel, we’ll collapse the panel into a smaller version. This is useful if you want to devote as much screen as possible to your music.