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Brush directions

Here’s how to notate brush directions in tablature using the Soundslice editor.


A brush direction basically means “quickly strum the strings in a certain direction.” It’s notated with an up or down arrow in the tablature.

Adding a brush direction

  1. Select a note that has at least one other note played in the same voice at the same time.
  2. In the editor sidebar’s “Tablature” menu , click either the “Toggle brush upward” or “Toggle brush downward” icon. Or search the editor for “brush” and click the appropriate result.

Removing a brush direction

  1. Select one of the notes that has the brush direction. (It doesn’t matter if you select it within the tablature staff or the standard-notation staff.)
  2. You’ll see the brush icon ( or )in the current notations panel. Click that icon to remove the brush direction.

How brush directions affect playback

Brush directions don’t affect synthetic playback at this time.

Wait, “brush up” means you brush downward on the instrument?

Yeah, the “up” in “brush up” means it’s going up in pitch — not necessarily up in your hand movement.