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New features and fixes, Oct. 15

Here are a bunch of improvements we’ve made recently:

Editor note dragging

In our editor, you can now drag notes up and down to quickly change their pitches.


Great for making quick edits, and great for beginners who haven’t yet mastered keyboard shortcuts.

Editor support for more ornaments

Our editor now supports four new ornament markings: turns, inverted turns, mordents and inverted mordents.


See more in our updated help page on ornaments.

Smarter transposition menu for non-C instruments

For slices whose instruments are all non-concert-pitch — such as, say, a saxophone etude — our player’s transposition feature now displays the key relative to the transposed instrument. Previously, we always displayed the key in concert pitch, which was unintuitive.

This is a nice quality-of-life improvement for saxophonists, clarinetists and other players of transposing instruments.

Better positioning of staff and tab staves

Previously, there were some situations (particularly with bass-clef music) where the tab lines were way too close to the staff lines, making the music hard to read. This was dreadful and is now fixed.

Improvements to ledger line display

We made some subtle improvements to the way ledger lines (and their respective notes) are displayed. Ledger lines are now a bit thicker, and we now automatically reduce the width of ledger lines to avoid accidentals.

Here’s a before-and-after:


The first note is a normal note, to show our normal ledger line width. The second note is our old rendering — note how the accidental touches the line. The third note is our new approach — we reduce the length of the line so that it doesn’t clash with the accidental. Subtle, but it makes it easier to read.

Fixed ugliness in currently selected notes

In our editor, we’ve fixed the styling of the currently highlighted note, to avoid ugliness with the note stem:


The note on the left uses our old styling. The note on the right uses our new styling. Can you see the improvement?

Fixed annoyance when switching voices while editing tab

In our editor, if you’re editing tab and you switch your currently active voice, we’ll now make sure your cursor stays on the same tab string. Previously we had an annoying “feature” where switching voices would always bump you to the top string.

Fixed Safari problem when switching between recordings

If you use the Safari web browser to view a slice with more than one non-YouTube video recording, and you try to switch recordings in the middle of playback, we’ll now properly retain your position in the music.

Previously we had a bug where switching the recording would move the playhead to the start of the slice (annoying and quite disruptive to a practice session!).

Made editor’s “View” mode more accurate

This is a deep cut, for people creating slices with video but without notation. Let me see whether I can explain it properly.

If you create a slice with video but without notation (or you’ve set “Hide notation” in the slice settings), then anybody viewing your slice will see the video full-screen. That’s always been the case. But if you opened our editor and toggled “View” mode, you wouldn’t properly see the full-screen video — this “View” mode didn’t accurately reflect what your users would actually see.

This is now fixed. Our editor’s “View” mode will 100% match what your students see, in the case of notationless slices. (For the vast majority of slices, it was already doing the right thing. So if you read the previous paragraph five times and still don’t get it, there’s nothing to worry about.)


Great job!
I spend a lot of time using Soundslice and I always read all of your updates. It's so amazing! I'm a big big fan of you guys. Keep it up!
Even bigger fan.
Can’t wait to check all the new things out !
Very good job, it'd be great if you find a solution to loop videos in a more accurate way. "Loop section" works very well with audio, but there's still a small latency to fix. This would be a big improvement for sure, but you're already doing great. Thanks
Yes, we'd love to improve this. It's a bit difficult given the way streaming video works, but there might be a solution somehow. Thanks for the comment!
I love that you can use the player on a smartphone. Except... drag-select seems to be missing. I can set with a 'touch' where to start the playback, but touch-and-drag does not highlight a selection. Am I missing something?
On touch devices, the "touch-and-drag" action is reserved for something else — it pans the notation. You can still create a loop by explicitly clicking the loop button, then dragging its edges to resize. See "Looping on mobile devices" here:…
Forgot to mention I'm on Android ver. 9. Using the player through the Chrome browser (on a Samsung Note 8).
Would it be possible to allow BPM / % playback speed to automatically increase by a small amount with every repetition of a loop? I believe Transcribe has such a feature and it would work well for practicing.

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