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Introducing the visual trombone and trumpet

We’re excited to announce two new instrument visualizations in our player: trombone and trumpet.

As with our existing visual piano keyboard, fretboard and violin, these visualizations show you how to play each note in a graphical fashion. While our player plays music, you’ll see the visualizations animate according to the currently playing notes.

Here’s what the trombone visualization looks like:


And here’s the trumpet visualization:


For trombone, since certain notes can be played in multiple positions, we’ve added a “Set trombone slide position” feature to our editor. This lets you specify exactly which position the visualization should use for a particular note. Read more about it here.

For more on the visualizations, including how to enable them as a slice creator, see our new help pages:


Ooh! Nice! Need any help on a flute one? :)
Awesome! Next, Drums? :)
Cool! One vote for violin!
We've already got the violin visualization! :) Here's info:…
Very great!!!

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