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New: Add titles to the top of your music

We’ve finally made it possible to add a title to the top of your music in Soundslice:

Screenshot of title at top of music

We hadn’t added this feature before because we didn’t see much point in reproducing the look of a paper score in a digital-only product. But we’ve come to realize there are certain situations where this aesthetic can be nice!

To enable title display on any slice you’ve created, go to the advanced slice settings and check the box next to “Show title in notation.”


This feature is limited to paying customers. Please see the new help page for more details on how it works.


nice, finally!:-)
Hi there! Titles are great, and it really helps my teaching slices!

Are there any plans to somehow also include the artist/composer?
We don't have any plans to do that — mostly because few people (if any) have requested it. :) Do you have a good argument for doing so (beyond "it's tradition")?
Mostly speaking from the standpoint of Classical Music, though I would say it would apply to any genre of music, pedagogically speaking it's important to know who composed it for context as to how it something should be properly performed. How I would perform a work would differ greatly if it was written by Bach, Mozart, John Coltrane, Pet Shop Boys, or Hans Zimmerman. Adding the composer would help significantly in that regard. I know there's already a space for the composer, but it's often hidden or inaccessible when my students view a slice.

Putting the composer's name near the title as an option would put the already excellent Soundslice platform even more in-line with many competing digital music sheet services such as Tomplay and :)

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