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Stave width

Soundslice makes it easy to change your music’s stave width — so that it fits better on your screen or is easier to work with. Another way of thinking about this is: it’s a way to increase or decrease the margin on the left/right of your music.

To adjust the stave width, click at bottom right to open the player settings, then look for the “Stave width” section:


The number you see above the slider represents the stave width in “staff spaces” — where one staff space equals the distance between two staff lines. Our default stave width is 100 staff spaces.

Slide it left and right to change the stave width, and your notation will automatically update:


Note that the stave width is not editable in Horizontal Scrollable layout.

“Fit to screen”

If you check the “Fit to screen” checkbox, we’ll automatically stretch music to fit whatever your screen width is. If you view a slice on a small screen such as a smartphone, we’ll automatically set this by default.

Stave breaks

If the music you’re viewing has specific stave breaks, you’ll see a “Respect author’s stave breaks” checkbox as well.

If you check that box, we’ll make sure that the slice author’s stave breaks are always honored. If you uncheck the box, we’ll decide the stave breaks automatically, depending on your current screen size, zoom setting and stave width setting.

(This checkbox isn’t available in Horizontal Scrollable layout.)

Creating music in Soundslice? See Controlling line breaks and systems for information on how to set stave breaks in your slices.