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Section names and letters

Here’s how to notate section names and section letters using the Soundslice editor.


In the above example, the section name is “Main theme” and the section letter is “A.” Section names and letters are intended to communicate the structure of a piece of music.

Adding section names/letters

Section names and letters are always displayed at the start of a bar, above the top-most visible instrument. To add a section name or letter:

  1. Select any note or rest within the bar.
  2. In the editor sidebar’s “Text” menu , click either the “Section name” or “Section letter”  button.
  3. At the left of your screen, replacing the editor’s sidebar, you’ll see a place for you to enter the name or letter. As you enter text here, you’ll see your notation update immediately.

Editing or deleting section names/letters

To edit a section name or letter, just click on it in your notation. The text-entry interface will appear at left, and you can make changes. To remove the marking, just delete the text.

Controlling formatting

It’s not yet possible to change the way section names/letters are displayed (e.g., the font type or font size).

Why should I use this feature instead of just plain text?

You could certainly use plain text, but we recommend using the proper section name/letter feature if you’re intending to communicate the structure of a piece. Soundslice will eventually use the section name/letter information in other places throughout the player.