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Grace notes

Here’s how to manage grace notes using the Soundslice editor.

Creating grace notes


  1. Add the note and make sure it’s selected.
  2. Click the “Toggle gracenote” icon in the editor sidebar’s “Note basics” panel , or search the editor for “Toggle gracenote.”

Creating multiple beamed grace notes


This works the same as above. Just create multiple notes and convert them to grace notes. Soundslice will automatically group them into a beam.

Is it possible to have multiple grace notes without a beam?

No, we always create a beam when grace notes are together. This is something we might change in the future.

Is it possible to control whether the stem is crossed-out vs. not crossed-out?

No, at the moment we always cross out the stem for lone grace notes. This is something we plan to change in the future.

Is it possible to change the note spelling for a grace note?

Yes, you can generally edit a grace note’s notations just as you’d edit a non-grace note’s notations: change note spelling, add articulations, etc.