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Here’s how to control note beaming using the Soundslice editor.


Default beaming

By default, we automatically add beams such that the beams start and end on beat locations, according to the time signature. For example:


Manually adding/removing a beam


It’s fast and easy to tweak beaming for an individual note. Select the note that starts the beam, then:

  • Click the “Toggle beam to next note” icon in the editor sidebar’s “Engraving” panel .
  • Or: Search the editor for “Toggle beam to next note.”
  • Or: Use the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

Flipping beam direction


  1. Select one of the notes in the beam.
  2. Click the “Flip stem direction” icon in the editor sidebar’s “Engraving” panel , or search the editor for “Flip stem direction.”

Is it possible to change beam angle or slant direction?

No, this is entirely automatic for now. We may add some more control over this in the future.