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Adding/removing clefs

Here’s how to add and remove clefs using the Soundslice editor.

Setting an initial clef

When you add an instrument, you can specify the instrument’s initial clef in the “Add instrument” screen.

Changing a clef at a barline

The easiest way to change a clef is to click the clef directly in your notation.

This will bring up the “Set clef” screen. Just click one of the clefs to make the change:


If, however, you want to change the clef for a bar in the middle of a system (where there’s no existing clef to click), select any of the notes or rests in that bar, then:

  • Click the clef icon in the editor sidebar’s “Bar” panel .
  • Or: Search the editor for “Change clef.”

Adding an inner-bar clef change

To change the clef in the middle of a bar — as is common within piano music, follow these steps:

  1. Select the first note that would be affected by the clef change.
  2. Click the clef icon in the editor sidebar’s “Bar” panel , or search the editor for “Change clef.”
  3. You’ll see the “Set clef” screen. Choose your clef.

Removing an inner-bar clef change

If you no longer want an inner-bar clef change:

  1. Click the clef (the one that starts the inner-bar clef change).
  2. You’ll see the “Edit clef” screen. Choose the clef active at the start of the bar.
  3. Our system will work out that the clef change is no longer necessary, so it will automatically be removed.

If I change the clef for existing music, do I need to change my notes in any way?

No. Soundslice will automatically recalculate the notes’ staff lines according to their pitches and the new clef.

Do I need to worry about adding cautionary clefs at the end of a system?

No! Soundslice will add these automatically, depending on how your notation is layed out on a particular device.

What about percussion clefs?

Percussion clefs are special, just like percussionists themselves are special. You can’t change an existing non-percussion instrument to use a percussion clef. When you create an instrument that’s a percussion instrument, or import music that uses percussion, we’ll use a percussion clef automatically.