Interactive, artist-verified transcriptions.

Our high-quality interactive notation is the best way to learn tunes. For each collection below, we’ve synced sheet music/tabs with original studio recordings. Slow them down, loop sections and see exactly what’s played as you listen. Songs start at $1.

Koran Agan: Five Waltzes

Five Waltzes for Pick-Style Guitar

Koran Agan

These five etudes provide high-quality practice material for guitarists in gypsy jazz and related styles. By working through these pieces, you’ll develop left-hand technique through a wide range of arpeggios across multiple positions, and you’ll improve your right-hand picking using both alternate and rest-stroke techniques.

Gonzalo Bergara: Djangophonic


Gonzalo Bergara

In this fantastic 2009 release, Gonzalo and band rip through six gypsy jazz standards. Here’s your chance to learn dozens of Gonzalo licks, plus the band’s fresh arrangements of classic songs.

Gonzalo Bergara: Porteña Soledad

Porteña Soledad

Gonzalo Bergara

This 2008 release is packed with tunes that became instant classics in gypsy jazz. Now, the entire album has been officially transcribed in our beautiful interface.

R.X. Bertoldi

Black Coffee in the Mornin’

R.X. Bertoldi

R.X. (Bob) Bertoldi’s tune “Black Coffee in the Mornin’” is played regularly on Sirius/XM's Coffehouse program. Now you can learn exactly how he played it.

Craig D'Andrea: The transcription collection

The Transcription Collection

Craig D'Andrea

Craig D'Andrea’s challenging fingerstyle arrangements are beautiful and soulful.

Ewan Dobson: The transcription collection

The Transcription Collection

Ewan Dobson

Ewan Dobson’s intricate, furiously fast guitar compositions have been nearly impossible to learn — until now.

Antoine Dufour: The transcription collection

The Transcription Collection

Antoine Dufour

Antoine Dufour makes multilayered fingerstyle guitar sound easy. But if you’ve ever tried to play his compositions, you know they’re anything but.

Jim Guthrie: And We Got Older

And We Got Older

Jim Guthrie

Here’s your chance to learn this beautiful tune from the game “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery.” Learn the song the way Jim himself played it.

Jim Guthrie: Takes Time

Takes Time

Jim Guthrie

This 2013 indie pop/rock release is full of beautiful melodies and intricate fingerstyle guitar. Learn the songs the way Jim himself plays them.

Trevor Gordon Hall: Mind Heart Fingers

Mind Heart Fingers

Trevor Gordon Hall

Guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall’s compositions are beautiful, stylistically diverse and a delight to play. Here’s your chance to learn the tunes from his 2014 album “Mind Heart Fingers.”

Adrian Holovaty: Bridal Chorus

Bridal Chorus

Adrian Holovaty

Learn Adrian’s beautiful guitar arrangement of the classic wedding piece, otherwise known as “Here Comes The Bride,” as seen in his popular YouTube video.

Adrian Holovaty: YouTube guitar tunes

YouTube guitar tunes

Adrian Holovaty

Learn Adrian’s guitar arrangements from selected popular YouTube videos.

Mark Lettieri

The Transcription Collection

Mark Lettieri

Mark Lettieri, Grammy award winning guitarist of Snarky Puppy fame, has been known to grace the stage with some pretty big acts — and when you hear him, you‘ll understand why. These six meticulously transcribed selections from his album, “Knows” and “Futurefun,” showcase his modern style, which lives somewhere between neo-soul, country, gospel and shred.

Dan Lopatka

Jive With Me

Dan Lopatka

A groovy solo bass piece by Dan Lopatka.

Loren and Mark: Juice


Loren and Mark

A fantastic, energetic fingerstyle guitar duet by modern-day thumb-picking masters. Includes multitracks for isolating single guitar parts!

Robin Nolan: Gypsy Blue

Gypsy Blue

Robin Nolan

Robin Nolan’s 2013 gypsy-jazz album Gypsy Blue has four great new Nolan compositions. Learn them all here, from the chord voicings to the melodies to Robin’s solos.

Gareth Pearson: The transcription collection

The Transcription Collection

Gareth Pearson

Learn Welsh fingerstyle phenomenon Gareth Pearson’s most popular compositions. Especially “Adrenaline Rush,” which is particularly awesome.

Joscho Stephan

Gypsy jazz etudes

Joscho Stephan

Joscho Stephan is one of the most exciting modern-day gypsy jazz guitarists. Here, he’s put together three guitar etudes for you to develop your gypsy jazz chops.

Michael Valeanu: Hard To Cook

Hard To Cook

Michael Valeanu

Here are three tunes by New York-based jazz guitarist Michael Valeanu, from his first studio release, “Hard To Cook.”

Stephane Wrembel: Bistro Fada

Bistro Fada

Stephane Wrembel

Bistro Fada, the theme from the Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris,” is a hauntingly beautiful and technically challenging French-style waltz by guitarist Stephane Wrembel. Now you can learn exactly how he played it.